adj. One whom facilitates leadership experiences for Ariel. synonyms; thought leader, guide, guru.

Ben Lisle

Ben Lisle


Extensive business experience is essential for knowledgeable facilitators

Ben has worked in a number of industries–financial companies, high-tech firms, state agencies, and nonprofit organizations. He has years of experience facilitating online. As a facilitator with John Hancock, Ben helped employees develop technical writing skills, authored procedural manuals, and devised operational quality standards.

As professional writers, Ariel’s facilitators understand the writing process

Ben’s experience is considerable and varied. He has written

  • procedural manuals for customer service operations
  • grant proposals for educational non-profit organizations
  • exhibit content and research documents for historic sites
  • academic essays, encyclopedic articles, and book reviews
  • website content
  • nationally circulated columns for a daily print newspaper.

Partial list of Ben’s clients: Aetna, Inc., IBM Corporation, Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Merrill Lynch, BearingPoint, Neiman Marcus, Hewitt Associates LLC

Facilitator education and diversity enrich the training experience

Ben is Visiting Assistant Professor of American Studies and Integrated Studies at Colby College. He received his PhD from the University of Texas at Austin, his MA in English from the University of Virginia, and his BA in English from Carleton College. He has taught in a variety of contexts, including corporate classrooms, research universities, public high schools, and community centers.