adj. One whom facilitates leadership experiences for Ariel. synonyms; thought leader, guide, guru.

Dory Bertsche

Dory Bertsche


As professional writers, Ariel’s facilitators understand the writing process

Dory is a published author who has written and edited speeches and presentations for executives at Fortune 500 companies, brochures for multinational consulting firms, and articles for various business publications. She also has managed the employee communications for the benefits team of a multinational communications firm.

Extensive business experience is essential for knowledgeable facilitators

In her more than 18 years in corporate training and development, Dory has developed, delivered, and managed training in reader-centered business and technical writing, presentation skills, sales communications, visual design, logical communications, effective grammar, logical problem solving, time management.

Dory’s previous positions include Communications Specialist at McKinsey and Company, Inc. and Technical Writer for MCI.

Partial list of Dory’s clients: Annie E. Casey Foundation, Georgia-Pacific, Braun Consulting, Home Reports, Cline Davis & Mann, I&W Communications, Comcast, McKinsey and Company, Inc., Dade Behring, Perkin Elmer, Detecon, Scandinavian International Management Institute, Deutsche Bank Group, The Strategy Learning Center, Dove Consulting, University of Notre Dame, The DVP Group, Visa.

Facilitator education and diversity enrich the training experience

Dory volunteers regularly in her local public school system as a reading group leader and Junior Achievement program teacher. She also volunteers with her local Meals on Wheels chapter. She enjoys nearly all kinds of music, theater, good fiction, travel, and hiking.

Dory received her B.A. in Accounting from Lehigh University and her M.A. in English from New York University.