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The idea is to bring the organization together by opening lines of communication, building trust, and empowering all team members to feel heard and valued.


Subject Matter Experts

From product specialists to scientists, subject matter experts are tasked with presenting or explaining complex information to a variety of audiences in a way that is compelling and effective. We teach them high-impact strategies for communicating clearly and dynamically.

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How we work with subject matter experts

A meeting or presentation is a narrow window to connect with an audience and convey ideas or results in a meaningful way. Many subject matter experts need help with adjusting their delivery to the audience, organizing information so that it’s readily understood, presenting in a way that is compelling to motivate and inspire their audience to take action, and engaging in constructive dialogue about their expertise. We work with subject matter experts to help them be effective with all types of audiences through strategies and tactics that drive success.

Essential Skills

Subject matter experts who participate in our programs learn to

  • make a strong first impression in multiple business contexts
  • influence across organizational silos and to clients and prospects
  • master delivery of content by engaging others using images, metaphors, stories, and dynamic expression


  • communicate with expertise and credibility about unexpected and difficult topics
  • demonstrate emotional intelligence
  • perform well under stress
  • set boundaries and push back as necessary.
Our work with subject matter experts focuses on developing the following abilities:
  • making complex data or scientific concepts accessible
  • generating excitement or buy-in for a product or idea
  • presenting themselves as polished, confident, thoughtful, and authoritative
  • speaking informally/handling Q&A
  • using emotional intelligence to read a room and adjust their approach.

Authentic communication is necessary for business success

Learn how we can help improve your company’s performance.

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Authentic communication is necessary for business success