Professionals’ Feelings About Presentation Skills

  • 70%
    feel presenting well is critical for success*
  • 75%
    would like to be better at presenting*
  • 33%
    worry they'll be boring when presenting*

*Source: Prezi Survey

Whether presenting virtually, at a conference, one-on-one, or to a small group, public speakers are judged in the first 30 seconds of their presentation.

Our presentation training programs will help your team:

  • Be Prepared: Conceptualize and frame what they want to say, ensuring that they never lose sight of the purpose of their presentation, and decide on the tools to use to deliver their message, including classic PowerPoint or the latest presentation tools including Visme and Pitcherific.
  • Make It Personal: Use personal examples and storytelling that emphasize or support the points they wish to make.
  • Remain Relaxed: Manage their nerves so they can concentrate on delivering an effective and engaging presentation.
  • Leverage Body Language & Gestures: Use gestures and body language to emphasize key points and get out from behind the lectern.

This knowledge enables them to effectively deliver two main types of presentations:

  • Informative Presentations: Informative presentations are typically used to provide information about a new concept or idea.
  • Persuasive Presentation: Influencing the belief, attitude, or behavior of others is the goal of persuasive presentations.

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Want to make your presentations count?

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Imagine your company being comprised of people at every level who have the ability to achieve business goals by guiding audiences into a desired state of engagement and emotion in order to get them to buy into their ideas, to follow them.

Our Presentation Training Programs Help You Achieve Business Goals

Our presentation training programs have helped over a thousand companies worldwide by coaching team members to become transformational presenters who engender trust and confidence by carefully curating the content they share and strategically utilizing their voice and body language. Delivered in-person or virtually, they are designed for employees at all levels — managers, early career professionals, sales professionals, subject matter experts, tech gurus, senior leaders, and high-potentials. Those wishing to further hone their ability to captivate audiences benefit from enrolling in our leadership presence training programs, which give them the je ne sais quoi that all great leaders radiate.

By bringing our proven effective presentation techniques and exercises to life in a supportive environment, our expert training facilitators teach program participants to convey information clearly and effectively with confidence in a manner that energizes them. Many who previously suffered “presentation anxiety” actually come to enjoy making them.

If you’re interested in driving business by having your team master the skills needed to make effective presentations to colleagues, peers, or prospects, the first step is for us to collaborate in order to define your objectives. Next, we’ll propose a customized program to achieve them.


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Achieve business objectives! Empower your team to drive audiences to take specific actions by enrolling them in one of our proven effective presentation training programs. A good way to reinforce skills they learn, is to enroll them in our leadership presence training programs. Most of our interactive programs are offered in both an in-person format, which allows for networking and lively discussion to take place, and in a convenient virtual format.

Find the Ideal Presentation Training Program by Employee Type

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