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Personal Presence: Your Value Proposition

Team members who exude confidence, demonstrate credibility, and articulate their value thrive

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Why personal presence matters

Many of the smartest people come up short of realizing their full potential—not because they lack intelligence or technical proficiency, but because they haven’t developed the presence to communicate their value with clarity and conviction.

What participants will learn

In Personal Presence: Value Proposition, participants will gain the confidence to showcase their expertise and intellect through the exploration and development of their presence, learning actor communication skills and techniques, and practicing ways to present their unique value in a variety of business interactions.

The benefit

Being able to influence with authority and dynamically communicate their value and brand in a polished and compelling manner will help your people advance in their careers.

Program agenda

  • Delivery: In person, up to 12 participants
  • Audience: Emerging leaders, new managers, technical professionals, and supervisors
  • Timing: One day or customized based on your needs
  • Preparation
  • Reading
  • Questions for personal reflection
  • Schedule - Morning
  • Understanding the signals of personal presence
  • Commanding a room and setting the right tone using presence
  • Schedule - Afternoon
  • Crafting and delivering a value proposition
  • Action Plan and wrap-up

Real Results.

Upon completion of Personal Presence: Your Value Proposition, participants will have the ability to

  • articulate the unique value they bring to their projects and the organization
  • influence others and communicate effectively with senior managers and senior-level clients
  • continually improve by leveraging specific aspects of their personal presence through an Action Plan.

Empower your team to influence others and communicate effectively

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Empower your team to influence others and communicate effectively

Authentic communication is necessary for business success

Learn how we can help improve your company’s performance.

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Authentic communication is necessary for business success