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The idea is to bring the organization together by opening lines of communication, building trust, and empowering all team members to feel heard and valued.



Managers need to think “big picture” while keeping a razor-sharp eye on the details. They also must appear confident and well-informed to senior leaders, build and leverage relationships across functions, and motivate direct reports to execute on strategies and directives. We help managers build their personal presence for a variety of situations.

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How we work with managers

Managers are your future leaders. We help them develop the communication skills they need to present new ideas and strategies, effectively speak and write for many levels and audiences, and build key relationships across your organization. These skills are built from a foundation of developing personal presence.

Essential Skills

Managers who participate in our programs learn to:

  • demonstrate flexibility and adaptability in the moment
  • “show up” and be fully present for others
  • give clear, inspirational, and actionable direction to others
  • build trusted relationships at all levels, both internally and externally
  • set the emotional tone of meetings and interactions
  • effectively communicate the big picture to peers and direct reports.
Our work with managers typically focuses on developing the following abilities:
  • understanding the power of presence and its impact on perceived competence and trustworthiness
  • communicating strategy effectively to peers and direct reports with clarity and color
  • influencing others by building relationships and communicating with impact
  • motivating and inspiring performance while doing more with less
  • staying calm and collected in times of change or ambiguity.

Authentic communication is necessary for business success

Learn how we can help improve your company’s performance.

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Authentic communication is necessary for business success