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Writing, speaking, leading, and selling with impact and emotional intelligence are skills people at all levels of your organization need to succeed.

Early Career Professionals

The business world is an intimidating and confusing new environment for many early-career professionals. We help them develop presence, be confident, and get their ideas heard by peers, managers, and clients.


To earn authority and inspire others, high potentials need to be aware of how they are presenting themselves to others, leverage their unique value, build relationships, and harness their authentic presence. We help them be more visible on the path to leadership.


Managers must exude a confident, well-informed presence to senior leaders, build and leverage relationships across functions, and motivate direct reports to execute on strategies. We help them build personal presence for a broad range of business situations.

Sales Professionals

Sales professionals need to differentiate themselves through the quality of their personal relationships with clients and the approach they take in client meetings. We provide them with tactics that enable them to build long-term relationships, take a consultative approach to meetings, and communicate with emotional intelligence.

Senior Leaders

Leaders are always on stage. How they project themselves, and what they say, sets the tone for the organization, impacts culture, and should motivate and inspire teams to achieve their goals. We help leaders perfect their presence, build relationships, empathize, and connect authentically to realize their desired outcomes.

Subject Matter Experts

Subject matter experts are tasked with presenting or explaining information to a variety of audiences in a way that is compelling and effective. Often, that information is new, confusing, or highly analytical. We teach them strategies for communicating to their intended audiences at the right level, with impact, in order to drive action and understanding.

Technical Professionals

Successfully communicating complex data or technical ideas to a non-technical audience can be challenging. Expertly trained and highly experienced technical professionals must be able to translate their expertise in a meaningful, understandable way. We help them to use their data to paint a vivid picture, and organize and present their information in a way that effectively connects them to and impresses the intended audience in order to influence a desired outcome.

Women & Affinity Groups

Women and other affinity groups can sometimes be at a disadvantage in the corporate world when it comes to getting ideas heard, recognition, and promotions. We help these groups understand their strengths, develop a personal value proposition, project a leadership presence to others, and improve communication skills so they are heard and valued by their organization.

Training solutions for business success.

Ariel’s flagship programs in leadership, strategic writing, and sales effectiveness help your teams learn and develop essential skills that result in business improvement. Whether you need a single program or a complete learning journey, we’ve got you covered. We also offer a variety of sustainability options that maximize your learning investment for ongoing success.

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Authentic communication is necessary for business success

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Authentic communication is necessary for business success