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The idea is to bring the organization together by opening lines of communication, building trust, and empowering all team members to feel heard and valued.


Women & Affinity Groups

Research by the Center for Talent Innovation suggests that women, and people in other affinity groups, are underrepresented at the highest levels of leadership because they are thought to “lack executive presence.” This translates into a disadvantage for these groups in the corporate world—instead of being embraced for the diversity they bring, members of these groups are often overlooked for recognition and promotion. We make sure they understand their strengths, develop a personal value proposition, project a leadership presence to others, and improve communication skills to ensure they’re heard and valued by their organization. We help them boost their presence and communication skills while remaining authentic to who they are.

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How we work with women and affinity groups

The ability to project confidence, communicate value, and demonstrate leadership qualities to leaders and peers is key to helping women and affinity groups rise within their organization. We work with participants to help them understand barriers in the work environment and how they can take charge of their career path using learned skills and techniques in presence, relationship building, and communication.

Essential Skills

Women and affinity groups who participate in our programs learn to:

  • understand the hidden biases and barriers within organizations
  • develop and deliver a concise and inspiring value proposition
  • demonstrate the behavioral signals of executive presence
  • build relationships at all levels
  • get their ideas heard.
Our work with women and affinity groups typically focuses on developing the following abilities:
  • understanding the power and importance of presence as it relates to image and seniority
  • selling themselves and their ideas with clarity and impact
  • leveraging personal stories and values to influence and inspire.

Authentic communication is necessary for business success

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Authentic communication is necessary for business success