Presence & Leadership

Help your organization learn how to build credibility, establish authentic connections, and communicate messages with impact


Presence Essentials

Our latest asynchronous online learning experience. Leave a lasting impression, connect authentically with a variety of audiences, and build your personal brand.


Why presence matters

Presence—the ability to engage the hearts and minds of others through authentic communication—is a powerful differentiator that cements relationships, gets ideas heard and valued, and rallies resources to achieve results.

What they will learn

Presence Essentials shows early career professionals how to leave a lasting impression, connect authentically with a wide range of audiences, and build their personal brand. Reading, audio, video, self-reflection, gamification, and social components are all incorporated to create a uniquely engaging online learning experience that is both fun and effective.

The benefit

Participants' ability to effectively connect with their audience's hearts and minds will make others more willing to support their ideas and help them achieve key objectives and professional growth.


  • Audience: Early career professionals who need to build self awareness about how they can show up with impact and influence a broad spectrum of audiences
  • Delivery: Digital offering that scales to the entire organization
  • Timing: Self-paced learning or set as a time release
  • Modern, flexible design with key analytics
  • Delivered on an industry-leading, cloud-based learning platform accessible any time
  • Opportunity for on-the-job practice through missions and activities
  • Moderated to ensure engagement and to develop a summary of the week’s discussions
  • Downloadable tools and tip sheets support informal learning and skill application offline
  • 24/7 technical support included with dedicated support available
  • Management reporting (participant activity, engagement)
  • Easy to personalize: company logo, text, video from your CEO, polls

Real Results.

Upon completion of Presence Essentials, participants will possess

  • a deeper understanding of the concept of presence, including self-awareness of their own strengths and challenges
  • practical techniques and tools for building relationships and effectively reaching out
  • the knowledge to use expressiveness in their interactions
  • their own voice, and will know how to use it to build confidence and credibility.

Give early-career professionals a foundation for success

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Give early-career professionals a foundation for success

Authentic communication is necessary for business success

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Authentic communication is necessary for business success