noun. One who facilitates leadership experiences for Ariel. synonyms; thought leader, guide, guru.

David Michelson

David Michelson

For the past 15 years, David Michelson has customized and facilitated seminars worldwide on topics, including consultative selling, leadership development, personal empowerment. He is highly regarded as a highly engaging, client-centered, and results-producing consultant, coach, and seminar leader who is consistently desired by clients for repeat engagements.

David’s clients include Alzheimer’s Association, American Heart Association, Bank of New York Mellon (US/Asia), Citigroup, Marriott, Mastercard, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, and Prudential.

Prior to initiating DTM Associates (1991), David worked for four years with Consultative Resources Corporation (CRC), a consulting firm specializing in customized sales and management training programs.

Preceding CRC, David spent five years with Great Western Bank performing various training and organization development functions to assist in cultivating a sales and service culture within the bank.

David holds a M.S. in Human Resource Development from American University and a B.S. in Business from Dickinson College.