noun. One who facilitates leadership experiences for Ariel. synonyms; thought leader, guide, guru.

Lori Dearman

Lori Dearman

San Buenaventura, CA


  • US West Coast

Extensive business experience is essential for knowledgeable facilitators

Lori’s professional experience includes

  • developing curricula and teaching writing in South Korea to U.S.-bound executives at Samsung Corporation and Pohang Iron and Steel
  • pioneering the use of online training tools as the program director of International Professional Diploma Programs at the University of California, Santa Barbara
  • managing a team of technical writers and product trainers at Citrix Online, which involved working closely with customers, sales and customer care representatives, and engineers
  • producing and moderating large-scale marketing webinars for established brands as well as fast-moving up-start companies that draw audiences in excess of 2,000 attendees.

As professional writers, Ariel’s facilitators understand the writing process

While working at a large software development company, Lori wrote technical documentation that was localized into eight languages. In her role as webinar producer, she writes webinar invitation copy. She also has written catalog copy for adult education programs.

Partial list of Lori’s clients: Desktop Engineering Magazine, Lawrence Group, Dex One, Samsung, Hewlett-Packard, TW Metals, Intel, Underwriters Laboratory

Facilitator diversity enriches the training experience

Lori received her B.A. in Spanish Language and Literature from Tulane University in New Orleans and her M.A. in TESOL from Columbia Teachers College in New York City.

Lori leads Ariel’s virtual writing workshops. She has also taught business writing and résumé writing to international professionals.