noun. One who facilitates leadership experiences for Ariel. synonyms; thought leader, guide, guru.

Eric Baron

Eric Baron

Eric Baron is the founder of The Baron Group (acquired by Ariel in 2013), a sales process training and consulting company that trained sales professionals for 35 years.

Eric teaches at Columbia Business School, and has received both the prestigious Dean’s Teaching Excellence Award, and the Marketing Association award for the Class that Best Prepared You for your Future Career for his popular course, Entrepreneurial Selling.

His first book, Selling Is a Team Sport, was a business best seller and explains how sales teams can become more effective by applying problem solving skills to their strategy sessions and sales interactions. His latest book, Innovative Team Selling, focuses on how sales teams can be more innovative by leveraging their resources and applying state-of-the-art interaction skills both internally and externally.

Eric was educated as a Chemical Engineer, and began his career at Union Carbide Corporation where he held positions in Sales, Sales Management, Marketing, and Training. He joined Synectics Inc., where he spent five years teaching and researching creative problem solving and innovation. He left as VP of Sales and Marketing to start The Baron Group and further explore the similarities between problem solving and selling and how to transform sales calls into problem solving opportunities.

Eric is a nationally recognized public speaker and has worked in-depth with clients that include JPMorgan, Ogilvy, UBS, Prudential, NetJets, AT&T, American Express, Pepsi, and Pfizer.