Daniel Posternak

Daniel Posternak

Barcelona, Spain


  • EMEA

Daniel Posternak has 19 years of experience coaching Senior Executives to maximize their performance and capabilities. He specializes in improving the performance of regional and senior management teams and the development of teams and organizations, with extensive experience in the Pharmaceutical, Financial, and Technology industries.

Daniel is co-founder of WP CONSULTANTS, an Executive Search I People and teams firm with offices in Argentina, Spain, and Uruguay. Before this role, he was a Senior Consultant at Axialentand, an international consulting firm specializing in developing executives and management teams.

Daniel has extensive international experience in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Spain, Panama, the United States, and Uruguay, working with a variety of companies, including American Express, AXA, Citibank, Banco Itaú, BBVA, Banco Galicia, Afore Banamex, Banco Estado Chile, Banco CajaLaboral, Banco Comafi, Electronic Data Systems, Microsoft, SAP, Seidor, Hitachi, RSA Seguros, Galicia Seguros, Zurich Seguros, McCann Erikson, Novartis, CFR Recalcine, Abbott, Boehringer Ingelheim, Sandoz, Gador, Allergan, AbbVie, Unilever, Bacardi, Bimbo-Fargo, Givaudan, Molinos, Nestle, NoblezaPiccardo, BIC, Grupo Mondragón, Grupo Abertis, SAE Mexico, DPA Brazil, and PimacoBrazil, FalabellaGroup, Grupo Suez, and Whirpool.

Daniel is a published author with his 2020 book, Now It Is My Turn, How to Lead Teams. He has also been a Professor at the University of Buenos Aires, the School of Psychology, and School of Economic Sciences.



  • Hogan Assessments


  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Universidad of Buenos Aires
  • Graduate Course in Organizational Coaching and Leadership, Universidad of Belgran

Practice Areas

  • Executive Coaching
  • Team Performance Diagnostic
  • Management Team Development and Training
  • Cultural Assessment and Transformation
  • Performance Development
  • Leadership Assessment
  • Executive Meeting Facilitation