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Effective Virtual Performance Reviews

Instill trust and promote development with virtual reviews.

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Program description

Effectively providing and discussing feedback is a necessary part of leading and managing. In the past, such discussions were normally in-person, but the evolving business environment now requires that leaders communicate their feedback virtually—with web conferencing tools and apps. Those who lead these conversations in ways that are clear, caring, transparent, and forward-looking will leave everyone involved empowered to take the next right step. In this module, your team will learn skills and approaches they can use to be more effective so that they have greater confidence in providing constructive feedback in a virtual environment.

What makes this program different

Effective Virtual Performance Reviews is different from other online learning experiences in several ways. Our modular style paces learning and allows time for practice. Robust analytics include reporting on participant engagement. Users gain access to downloadable resources. Reflection prompts and activities provide opportunities for on-the-job application. You can easily customize with your logo, text, video, etc.. There are accessibility features include alt text and video transcriptions.

Supporting your organizational goals

This program develops sustainable learning for classroom trainings, supports remote employees with accessible offerings, and builds out a common communications culture within your company.

Program outline

  • Audience: Managers, supervisors, and those who deliver performance reviews
  • Delivery: Asynchronous self-paced
  • Timing: Approximately 1 hour

Real Results.

Upon completion of Effective Virtual Performance Reviews, participants will be able to

  • Plan an effective virtual performance review
  • Write and deliver effective feedback
  • Leverage skills and techniques for delivering a virtual review in a way that instills trust and promotes development.

Give professionals the essential presence skills to create the foundation for success

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Give professionals the essential presence skills to create the foundation for success

Authentic communication is necessary for business success

Learn how we can help improve your company’s performance.

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Authentic communication is necessary for business success