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How To Build Professional Presence In Your (First) Remote Job

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Picture This.

You’re a young professional, maybe just graduated, and recently landed a new job in a remote workplace. You’re excited, but also a little bit nervous.

In a traditional workplace, you get hired, complete your training, and meet your new co-workers. But what can you expect in a remote setting? How can you build relationships? What is even considered professional?!

These questions can have you feeling overwhelmed- and even a bit isolated.

Let’s take a look at a few tips for ensuring that you maintain high professionalism and start on the right foot.

Be Intentional About Your Presentation

When it comes to professionalism in a remote workplace, the way we present virtually, both in our appearance and verbal communication is now more paramount than ever before.

Take your background for example. While on camera and communicating with your managers and peers, you will want to make sure your background is not distracting… which means keeping the tornado of clothes flying around in the background to a minimum. Not to worry though, we’ve all been there once or twice.

Also, be mindful that working remotely means you are no longer able to pick up on body language. Pro Tip: Eye contact. We encourage virtual team members to look directly in the camera lens to mirror eye contact in person. This is useful to elevate your presence and prevent yourself from looking disinterested or unprepared..

Lastly, try dressing the way you would for the office. You know that old saying, “ Dress with confidence?” It still applies in the remote workspace.

Although, we will add— pants are optional.

Use Time Effectively

As soon as you start working remotely, you become completely responsible for all your time – from how you spend and structure it, to how to hold yourself accountable. This framework of time and accountability can quickly become overwhelming and many newbies to remote work soon realize you can’t just “copy/paste” a standard office routine format. Creating clear boundaries between work and leisure, will be one of the main contributing factors to your success in this working style.

What You Say And How You Say It Matters- Especially In Writing

Working in a remote environment now means that the majority of your communication will be written through email, digital documents, reports, etc. When writing, keep the reader in mind by taking time to plan it out and think about what questions they may have. What kind of action are you looking to influence? Being as clear, concise and direct in your writing will create a more cohesive experience, whether you’re speaking with your colleagues or corresponding with clients. If you need some tips on business writing, try taking a business writing course.


As you navigate your new job, understand that above anything you are human. You will make mistakes and with that comes learning and growing. So don’t focus on perfectionism and start making mistakes that you can learn from. That is a part of the human experience.

And after all, you’ve been hired for a reason. OWN IT!


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