noun. One who facilitates leadership experiences for Ariel. synonyms; thought leader, guide, guru.

Edith Bukovics

Edith Bukovics


  • EMEA


Edith is a skilled facilitator that specializes in the delivery of drama-based training within the corporate sector, with a particular interest in the cross-cultural implementation of training more effective behaviors and confident communication.

Training Experience

Corporate Actor and Facilitator Extensive experience as a high-level role-player in individual and group sessions and facilitation of group workshops and forum theatre.

Themes around role-plays have included improved impact, empathy and engagement, feedback skills, dealing with rejection, exit reviews, diversity issues and practicing difficult conversations.

Business Experience

  • MTA Subway: Facilitating and acting on multiple deliveries to train Platform Controllers
    and station staff on “Customer Service Ambassadors” program (NY)
  • NY Metropolitan Museum of Art: Co-designer of new business program “The Art of
    Selling”; leading development and role-plays amongst junior staff at Met Breuer (NY)
  • Google: Facilitating group work in Leadership skills at Google Business Academy (NYC)
  • Barclays: BIA Foundation and Intermediate Academy training centres (NJ)
  • Clyde Law Firm: Business Academy and Development Centres (NYC & Chicago)
  • Microsoft: Leading group role-play and facilitation of ‘Effective Partnerships’ skills
    development (Seattle WA)
  • KPMG: Role-play and group facilitation at Senior Management Centres, Core Skills
    centres, and Partner Candidate Development Centres (UK, Germany and Russia.)
  • PFIZER: Facilitation of group learning on Global PLDCs in US and virtual settings

Education and Credentials

  • St Catharine’s College, Cambridge University English Literature, MA (Hons): 2.1
  • American Community School, Surrey International Baccalaureate (42 – Distinction)