noun. One who facilitates leadership experiences for Ariel. synonyms; thought leader, guide, guru.

Davide Motta

Davide Motta



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Davide was born and lives in Milano, Italy. With a background as a psychologist and group psychotherapist, Davide brings his passion for working with people and groups within his collaboration with Ariel. His fondness for experiential training and a pragmatic, concrete approach, found its natural outcome in mixing his competencies as a group dynamic expert with the skills of acting and being on a stage.

Training Experience

Davide, both in B to B and B to C context, has worked in many different industries. A list of his clients includes: Peri, Porsche Engineering, Abbott Italia, Edison, Saipem, K-group, Teva, VF, MSC Cruises

Business Experience

After having worked for a few years as psychotherapist, Davide started working with organizations both in profit and non-profit context. He has developed customized consulting projects, as well as delivered standard projects for HR. Also, he has been working as a coach and executive coach as well as assessor.

Theater Experience

  • Davide has been practicing as non-professional actor since 1996.
  • He is a founding member of the non-professional theater company “Legati ad Arte” in Monza, near Milano, in which he covers both the role of actor and assistant director.
  • Trained as Playback Theatre performer, he is also a founding member of DLM Feedback Theatre Company in Milano.

Education and Credentials

  • Psychology degree
  • Post-Lauream Specialization in psychotherapy / psychodrama
  • Playback Theatre graduation
  • Playback Theatre accredited international teacher