Technical Professionals

Whether convincing their team to change direction, winning additional funds to continue a project or presenting strategy recommendations to leadership, the ability to get innovative ideas out of their heads and into the hearts and minds of others is essential to success for technical professionals. To many, it’s also a chore.

Our work with engineers, IT professionals and other technical people often focuses on helping them get heard and noticed through improved collaboration, communication and influencing skills:

  • Explaining technical concepts to non-technical audiences
  • Getting buy-in for ideas or projects
  • Consulting with or influencing senior leaders on strategy
  • Improving collaboration and team dynamics
  • Managing nerves and showing up with impact while remaining authentic

Sample Curriculum

Personal Presence

This classroom program helps technical professionals show up with impact, translate technical concepts to non-technical people and gain buy-in for their ideas.

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Virtual Presence

This virtual, instructor-led program aids collaboration and communication for dispersed teams and allows participants to practice skills and receive coaching through virtual mediums.

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