noun. One who facilitates leadership experiences for Ariel. synonyms; thought leader, guide, guru.

Dick Militelo

Dick Militelo



  • US Mid-West

Extensive business experience is essential for knowledgeable facilitators

Dick is an experienced facilitator who

  • has facilitated sales, technical, and business writing programs around the world
  • has led seminars in presentation and oral communication skills
  • was the Branch Sales Manager and General Manager for Chicago-area companies
  • has advised professionals on training personnel and fostering customer relationships.

As professional writers, Ariel’s facilitators understand the writing process

Throughout his career, Dick has written a variety of business documents from sales proposals to customer service manuals. He also has edited and helped develop instructional workshops in business writing and strategic thinking.

Partial list of Dick’s clients: AT&T Corp., Merrill Lynch, Cardinal Health, Pfizer Laboratories, Federal Reserve Bank, Turner Broadcasting, GTE Data, U.S. Air Force, Hewitt Associates LLC , Washington University Medical Library, M&M Mars, West of Scotland Water, MB&A National Bank

Facilitator diversity enriches the training experience

Dick holds a B.A. in Education from Southern Illinois University. An actor and classical pianist, he has performed in the Chicago area on stage and in training films and commercials.

Dick continues his education by regularly attending training seminars in presentation skills, salesmanship, and customer service.