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Introduction to Virtual Presence

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Course description

We can’t always rely on the benefits and nuances of in-person interaction, but the most successful professionals harness their virtual presence to connect authentically with their remote audiences.

What participants will learn

In this short introductory module, which includes video, reflection, knowledge checks, and more, we’ll help lay the foundation for virtual presence.

The benefit of taking this course

Participants will learn our definition of virtual presence and our virtual PRESence model. They’ll understand why the behavioral elements of presence (like voice, body language, and breathing) are still crucial for communicating in a virtual environment, and will be better equipped to build connections and achieve greater impact.

Program outline

  • Audience: Those who have a need to connect, communicate with, and influence others in a virtual environment
  • Delivery: Asynchronous self-paced
  • Timing: Approximately 2 hours
  • Understand, build, and explore the core skills of virtual presence
  • Learn a four-part model for presence that captures the essential components of an authentic, adaptive executive presence: being present, reaching out, expressive and self-knowing.
  • Explore strategies for keeping oneself and one’s audience present and focused in conversations and meetings.
  • Create a shared understanding of how one’s presence influences one’s quality of engagement, ability to build trust, perceived credibility, and leadership effectiveness.
  • Learn effective use of one’s webcam.
  • Learn the Signals of Presence, with a focus on harnessing voice, pace, gesture, posture, breathing, and body language for greater impact in both live and virtual communication.
  • Communicate with intention, aligning emotions, vocal presence, energy, and message, to ensure messages land and get the desired effect
  • Reinforcement coaching on client’s own platform
  • Brainstorm strategies for combining one’s own technical platform tools (Zoom, Teams, Webex, BlueJeans, etc.) with the soft skills of the course.
  • Apply concepts to real business interactions: one-on-one conversations, small group meetings, or presentations to a group. Give and receive coaching and feedback on the use of the techniques and tools.
  • Share action plans and final reflections, and close.

Real Results.

Upon completion of Introduction to Virtual Presence, participants will be able to

  • describe the definition of virtual presence
  • understand and practice the competencies of the virtual PRESence model
  • use the Signals of Virtual Presence: harnessing one’s own voice, pace, energy, posture, breathing, and use of webcam for greater impact in virtual leadership
  • communicate with intention, aligning emotions, vocal variety, energy, and message, to ensure messages land and get the desired effect.

Give professionals the essential presence skills to create the foundation for success

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Give professionals the essential presence skills to create the foundation for success

Authentic communication is necessary for business success

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Authentic communication is necessary for business success