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2023 Workplace Predictions from CEO, Scott Simmons and President, Kathy Green

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A new year brings a new chance at success, a new day at work, and a whole new perspective on the future of the workplace.

Let’s hear from our CEO, Scott Simmons, and President of Executive Coaching Connections, Kathy Green on their workplace predictions for the coming year.

Q: What skills do you think employees will need to excel in the workforce in 2023?

Scott: If flexibility is a skill, it will be needed in spades in 2023, as companies look to shift gears and do more with less. Possessing a growth mindset and resilience in the face of a likely recession as well as the ability to demonstrate their value prop will be key. Managers will need to motivate, inspire, and deliver hard news effectively in the face of daunting economic conditions. Regular and direct performance conversations will be key in 2023. The onus for that lies on both the manager and employee.

Q: What is the biggest trend you see in Executive Coaching in 2023? 

Kathy: Clear, resilient, compassionate, and inspirational leadership will continue to be in high demand. As roles and expectations continue to shift, self-awareness and the ability to pivot, will be foundational for what’s needed going forward. Being able to listen for understanding, craft a vision, authentically communicate, and bring people along to a new strategic reality have never been more important. As a result, Executive Coaching will become a key human capital management strategy for even more companies in 2023. We also see more and more companies aligning coaching to the development of specific leadership competencies including authentic communication, influence, building effective teams and resilience, and strategic alignment, driving an increase in specialty coaching in 2023. And at the C-Suite levels, the war on talent and Boomer retirements are driving increased interest in support from former C-Suite leaders who have sat in the chair and can provide a valuable sounding board for new C-Suite leaders.

Q: What do you foresee as the biggest challenges for leaders next year?

Scott: Navigating difficult economic waters will be the biggest challenge. Costs will need to align more accurately to revenue projections. It will be critical to maintain a clean balance sheet. Execution will be key which means effective communication and providing managers and employees with a clear sense of reality and direction on a timely basis.

Q: How has Executive Coaching responded to advancements in technology?

Kathy: Virtual coaching grew dramatically during COVID and is here to stay. This is a huge positive as leaders now have access to the world’s best coaches and are no longer reliant on geography or travel. Executive coaching is also benefiting from technology advancements. For example, we have leveraged new technology to enhance our client service, creating an online coaching portal that streamlines coach matching and allows client partners access to information on coaching engagement progress.

Q: Lessons learned in 2022 as a CEO and Founder?

Scott: Life and business are unpredictable. I would not have guessed we would experience as many positives as we did in 2022, including a significant acquisition and revenue boom. The lesson is to prepare for the worst but at the same time drive for the best.

Kathy: I agree with Scott. We are grateful for both our loyal clients and for the many new clients who came into the fold this past year. Joining Ariel will afford us many new opportunities in 2023 as our combined offerings result in a broader range of solutions for all of our clients.

Learn more about our recent acquisition of Executive Coaching Connections LLC.


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