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2022 Workplace Predictions From CEO, Scott Simmons

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Ignited by the pandemic and sparked by natural human behavior, there is no denying that the way we work and communicate has changed indefinitely. With all these emerging trends, what does this mean for the future of the workplace?

Let’s hear from our CEO, Scott Simmons, and his workplace predictions for 2022.

Q: With the emergence of hybrid and remote work, do you think this “style” of work is sustainable?

A: Yes, if you look back over history, society has made several shifts in our style of work, most notably from the industrial revolution to a service/knowledge way of work. This trend with more remote and hybrid work was already occurring pre-pandemic and COVID sped up what was already emerging.

Q: Do you think this is the end of in-person learning?

A: In-person learning will certainly look different in 2022 and beyond but it is not dead. I have had far too many conversations with clients and colleagues that would lead me to believe otherwise. While there are enormous benefits to virtual learning in terms of speed and scale, there will always be a place for face-to-face training as they accomplish different goals and benefits.

Q: What training topics will people need most in 2022?

A: Gauging from our client and prospects requests, several topics are emerging. The most dominant themes revolve around effective hybrid management and leadership. Many managers and leaders do not feel fully equipped to lead permanent hybrid and remote teams. They are challenged with issues ranging from trust and inclusion to fairness, team engagement, and individual development.

Q: Lessons learnt in 2021 as a CEO?

A: The biggest learning may have been the most difficult, the need to move forward with controlled speed and intent in the face of fire. Essentially, I had to transition from an endurance runner to a sprinter with walls and moving obstacles to navigate. Two very different races. The other lesson is one of focus. There were many competing temptations in 2021. One hand, stay the course and batten the hatches while on the other, develop content for every client request. The lesson learned was that neither is productive. Our success in 2021 depended on our ability to remain true to our roots and expertise while we evolved and adapted our content to address the challenges our clients were facing. We’re still runners, we just run different races now. Finally, having a strong CFO is an imperative for any CEO. If cash was king before the pandemic, she’s queen of the world now.


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