Sales Professionals

In a commoditized market where technological advances allow customers to research solutions long before reaching out to speak, Sales professionals need to be able to differentiate themselves through the quality of their personal relationships with clients.

Whether they challenge with insights or problem-solve through a consultative model, our work with Sales Professionals usually focuses on tactics to ignite established process through relationship building and communicating with emotional intelligence:

  • Telling a compelling story of a brand or product
  • Connecting to clients through emotional intelligence and active listening
  • Developing an awareness of presence challenges that may be detracting from effectiveness
  • Communicating values to build trust

Sample Curriculum

Sales Presence

One day experiential program that helps sales professionals connect authentically with clients, build trust and inspire forward action.

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LWP: Storytelling

This one-day program helps sales professionals tell a compelling story of a brand or product.

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Consultative Selling Skills

Provides participants with the process, structure, skills and behaviors needed to position themselves as strategic client partners.

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Effective Finals Presentations

Helps participants close more deals by creating and delivering more persuasive presentations.

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