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Cut Your Writing Training Budget in Half

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It’s no secret that helping your people to use writing to drive business results better is a daunting undertaking. While some may bring in outside training companies, here are five reasons to consider taking a proven writing training program in-house.

1. In-house training cuts costs

Hiring an outside learning company to handle your communication training is expensive, especially if travel is involved. There are excellent long-term savings in certifying a few in-house trainers who can train at every level on best practices for clear and more productive writing.

2. In-house training transmits your culture best

Many businesses know that hiring an outside firm for writing training can result in a disconnect from brand identity, or a failure to accurately convey the voice of the company. While it may make sense for smaller businesses to outsource writing training, large businesses that can afford to train a few learning professionals to be internal writing experts will see the best transmission of cultural and product knowledge in their workshops.

3. In-house certification and licensing is more sustainable

Your in-house writing workshops offer the opportunity to follow up with attendees and do check-ins at any time, ensuring people apply the skills, tools, and processes they’ve learned. Professional writing firms, on the other hand, may only deliver a one-time workshop, without vital blended options like prework and post-workshop coaching—peer or otherwise.

4. In-house trainers don’t have to be specialists

You don’t need to be a writing expert to deliver writing workshops. If the company licensing you can provide robust enough materials, and the potential trainers feel fairly confident in writing, it’s worth seeing if it makes sense.

5. In-house training simplifies planning

Rather than coordinating logistics for outside consultants, you can standardize logistics with your LMS. Company-wide writing workshops can be scheduled in various class sizes and lengths, so in the long run, you are saving not just costs, but production time—efficiency.

Certifying writing trainers can pay off

Whether through a less formal certification process or a full licensing program, you stand the greatest possibility of making a real culture change in your company’s writing when you take it in-house. Learn how you can create one voice to the customer by leading in-house writing training and licensing with Better Communications’ train-the-trainer certification program today.


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