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Communicate to Keep Your Team: Business Writing for Leaders

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I came across a new report by Deloitte that is compelling, but not surprising: poor communication is damaging employee morale—and undermining business success. Failing to connect authentically with employees, especially when the chips are down, can cost a company everything from lost business to lost talent.

What I didn’t expect was the magnitude of the statistic reflecting tough times and poor communication: almost half of respondents said they are tuning up their resumes for greener pastures when business improves. Yikes.

The Deloitte Special Report on Talent Retention, “Managing Talent in a Turbulent Economy: Keeping your team intact” (September 2009), states the following:

  • 49% of employees plan to seek alternate employment when the talent market heats up.

  • Of those surveyed employees who intend to leave, 76% report a drop in morale and 62% fault lack of communication from executives during the recession.


Could a few e-mails make a difference?

Those who use writing successfully to empower and motivate their people always

  • write personably and nonjudgmentally

  • get their point across the first time

  • deliver sensitive messages with tact

  • turn negatives into positives.

Since we communicate so much now in writing, building trust and unsnarling communication tangles in the process can be done with some easy-to-learn writing strategies.

Download the Deloitte study or learn more about Writing for Leaders.


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