Presence Essentials

Presence is an investment in success for today’s workplace

Presence – the ability to engage the hearts and minds of others through dynamic communication – is a powerful differentiator that cements relationships, gets ideas heard and valued, and rallies resources to achieve results.

Presence Essentials is an immersive, self-paced learning program containing six modules that enable participants to learn and practice the skills and behaviors of presence. It is appropriate for anyone who needs to show up with impact, influence audiences, and build personal value.

This digital offering is designed to help participants begin developing their own sense of presence and to apply and practice the skills and techniques they’ve learned in the workplace.

Each module features an overview & reference materials to set learner expectations

Outcomes you can expect

After the program, learners will have

  • a deeper understanding of the concept of presence, including self-awareness of their own strengths and challenges
  • practical techniques and tools for applying the skills and behaviors of presence in a variety of business settings
  • an Action Plan of SMART goals to continue developing and honing new skills long after the program is complete.
Visual demonstrations of loudness & pauses help learners focus on their own voice

Investing in Presence Essentials means

  • building out a common culture within your company of the concept and skills of presence
  • developing sustainable learning for classroom trainings related to presence
  • supporting remote employees with non-classroom offerings on presence

Digital learning designed to meet your needs

  • delivered on a consumer-grade, cloud-based learning hub that’s accessible on any device
  • training available to learners where they are, when they need it, and at their own pace
  • easily scales for group sizes from 25 to 5,000+
  • includes 24/7 technical support with dedicated support available
  • single sign-on LMS integration.

Key features

  • Modular style paces learning and allows for practice
  • Ability to define a “class open” window sets a time frame for learning
  • Downloadable resources and module overviews
  • Missions and activities for on-the-job practice
  • Personalization: logo, text, video from your CEO, polls, etc.
  • Alt-text for hearing impaired; video transcriptions available
  • Robust user analytics offered, including reporting on learner activity and engagement

More about Presence Essentials


Anyone who needs to show up with impact, influence audiences, and build personal value


Bite-sized learning modules between 2–45 minutes


Self-paced online learning experience for groups of 25–5000+

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