Personal Presence: Presenting

Clear, compelling communication supported by a confident, engaging presence

This dynamic experience provides a practical laboratory environment for high potentials to develop their presence and become more compelling communicators. Through foundational theories and techniques drawn from acting and improvisation, learners gain practical strategies to more effectively influence and engage any audience and convey a more inspiring message.

Outcomes you can expect

After the program, learners will be able to:

Strategize a practical approach for engaging an audience

  • focus their message to serve audience and organizational needs
  • investigate the power of voice and body for successful messaging
  • implement feedback in real time for advanced improvement

Recognize and embody effective presence behaviors

  • understand status and hierarchy presence behaviors
  • convey assurance, ease, and comfort when presenting
  • use breathing for preparation, stress management, and pacing

Present ideas with greater clarity and conviction

  • align vocal and physical choices with purpose and intention
  • speak with energy, clarity, and passion
  • strategically link content and delivery for a more cohesive, inspiring message

Delivery Details

In person, up to 12 participants

One day or customized based on your needs

High-potentials, emerging leaders, consultants

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