Leading with Presence: Relationship Building

This one-day version of Leading with Presence focuses on sharing (and listening for) strengths and values to connect and communicate authentically.

Great leaders and client-facing professionals know how to create long-lasting relationships by connecting authentically with the hearts and minds of others in order to motivate and inspire them to achieve a desired outcome.

Leading with Presence: Relationship Building helps leaders, managers, high potentials and client-facing professionals leverage their values to build deeper, richer connections with others. They’ll learn how to draw on their own unique history to inspire trust, promote collaboration, and motivate people to follow their lead.

Learning Objectives

Leading with Presence: Relationship Building provides a highly experiential approach to development, combining pre-work, a classroom workshop, and reinforcement to strengthen learning outcomes.

Participants leave with:

  • The ability to leverage their personal and professional strengths and values to build trust and lead authentically.
  • New skills, including empathic listening and clear communication, to enhance 1:1 interactions with team members, clients and managers.
  • An action plan with specific steps on how to continue developing new skills.


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Want tips on ways you can authentically build relationships with colleagues and clients? Visit our blog to find Relationship Building tips from our thought leaders. You can also download this article on how presence can build relationships.


Program Agenda


  • Reading
  • Questions for personal reflection


  • Introduction to Presence Skills
  • Listening & Self-reflection for  to build empathy and authentic connection.


  • Application Role-plays: Participants apply the
    skills of authentic connection to real-time business
  • Personal action plan development.

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