Women & Affinity Groups

Research by the Center for Talent Innovation suggests that one of the many reasons women and people of color remain woefully underrepresented at the highest levels of leadership is because they “lack executive presence” or are “just not seen as leaders.” CTI research also finds that feedback around executive presence can be both confusing and contradictory for these groups, making it almost impossible to act on.

Our work with affinity groups usually has a networking or teambuilding element and focuses on helping participants boost their presence and communication skills while remaining authentic to who they are:

  • Understanding the power and importance of presence as it relates to image and seniority.
  • Selling themselves and their ideas with clarity and impact
  • Leveraging personal stories and values to influence and inspire

We would love to discuss the unique needs of your group.

Sample Curriculum

PP: Value Proposition

This one-day program introduces key presence concepts and helps participants develop and deliver a personal value proposition.

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