Subject Matter Experts

From product specialists to scientists, subject matter experts are tasked with presenting or explaining information to a variety of audiences in a way that is compelling and effective.

Our work with SME’s tends to focus on high-impact strategies for communicating dynamically:

  • Making complex data or scientific concepts accessible
  • Generating excitement or buy-in to a product or idea
  • Showing up as polished, confident, thoughtful and authoritative
  • Speaking informally/handling Q&A
  • Using emotional intelligence to read a room and adjust approach

Sound familiar? We’d love to discuss the unique needs of your group.

Essential Skills

  • Makes a strong first impression in multiple contexts
  • Able to influence without authority in 1-1 situations (across silos, to clients and to senior stakeholders)
  • Masters delivery as well
    as content: engages others using images, metaphor, story and dynamic expression
  • Communicates with expertise and credibility
    on unexpected and
    difficult topics
  • Demonstrates emotional intelligence: able to manage range of emotions of self and other
  • Performs well under stress, able to set boundaries and push back as necessary

Sample Curriculum

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Virtual Presence

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