Senior Leaders

At the highest levels of your organization, leaders are always on stage.  Every statement, every decision, every facial expression is “on the record” and open to interpretation both internally and externally. No matter how brilliant, most leaders need help honing their self- awareness and ability to control their organizational and public impact.

Our work at the senior leadership level usually centers around the following areas:

  • Comfort and flexibility in the spotlight
  • Building or repairing trust to promote followership
  • Inspiring and engaging through change or adversity
  • Communicating strategic messages with clarity and impact
  • Relationship-building within a new leadership team
  • Coaching ahead of an important event or meeting (talking to the press, presenting to the board, etc).

Sound familiar? We’d love to discuss the unique needs of your group.

Essential Presence Skills

  • Manages stress, keeps calm in crisis
  • Inspires people to follow both him/herself and the corporate vision
  • Communicates consistently with clarity, color and passion
  • Manages image and brand as leader while remaining authentic to self
  • Consistently integrates corporate values into leadership decisions
  • Demonstrates accessibility and approachability across all reporting levels

Sample Curriculum

Leading with Presence

Often used as a team-building experience for leadership teams, this program helps leaders connect to the values and stories that shaped them and infuse them into powerful leadership messages.

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Executive Coaching

At the highest levels, many leaders find working 1-1 with our most senior coaches is the most comfortable and effective way to prepare for an event or work on an area for improvement.

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