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Reinforcement Coaching

Keeping professional skills up-to-date drives business

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Why is reinforcement coaching necessary?

Keeping professional skills current is one of the best ways to ensure that your people are doing the best job possible, staying on top of changing workplace demands, and setting themselves up to handle new challenges.

What participants will do

Designed for alumni of Ariel programs, our Reinforcement Coaching program provides opportunities for participants to work closely with their coach in order to sustain, reinforce, and deepen the lessons they learned by applying their knowledge to real-life situations. They'll be able to discuss successes and challenges as well as define next steps in their development plan with their coach, who will offer feedback, encouragement, and curated resources to help participants achieve performance improvement.

The benefit

Staying up-to-date with their professional skills and investing in personal development makes people more engaged and productive at work, ensures that they are ready for new opportunities, and helps them enhance their value in the marketplace.

Program options

  • Individual drop-in coaching (on-site)
  • Group coaching (phone or on-site)
  • Participant follow-up calls (one-on-one with a coach)

Real results.

Reinforcement coaching will enable your people to

  • effectively engage remote audiences using a variety of tools and frameworks
  • improve their professional skills
  • handle new challenges, roles, and responsibilities
  • improve their marketplace value.

Keep your team’s professional skill set sharp

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Keep your team’s professional skill set sharp

Authentic communication is necessary for business success

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Authentic communication is necessary for business success