What makes a great leader?

Is it communication, transparency, passion, trustworthiness, integrity, empathy? We argue that… all of it. Developing leadership presence means connecting authentically and communicating your ideas with passion and commitment.

Exceptional leaders aren’t born, they’re made through continuous growth. The most successful ones relentlessly work on both their hard skills and the soft skills that allow them to motivate and unite teams.

Ready to amplify your leadership presence and influence? Join Jay Harris to develop an authentic leadership style that moves people to action. In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn to communicate with clarity, conviction, and charisma.

Join our amazing facilitator and learn how to:


  • Make the connection between presence and the ability to build trust, collaborate, and lead authentically.
  • Speak with intention and focus.
  • Create a shared understanding of how presence empowers people to authentically inspire and motivate others towards a desired outcome.

Registration Details:


  • Date: June 26th, 2024
  • Time: 1:00pm – 3:00pm EST
  • Location: Virtual
  • Facilitator: Jay Harris
  • Price: $199.00