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Communicate With Impact: Ariel Acquires Better Communications

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The Ariel Group is excited to announce the acquisition of Better Communications, a training and coaching firm that helps clients make impactful interpersonal connections through the power of the written word.

When individuals at every level communicate clearly, organizations experience higher engagement, increased revenue, and improved team dynamics. In today’s complex business environment, progress – and profit – can be lost in communication. Our expanded capabilities provide the skills and tools that will allow you and your team to drive business decisions, inspire people to action, and deliver results.

On a personal note, Better Communications’ Deborah Dumaine has created a premium organization – unequivocally “best in class” as many of her clients say – and we are thrilled to continue her mission to help companies use clear writing as a strategic advantage.

Our CEO Sean Kavanagh summed up our new capabilities best:

“If you need to write it, speak it, or sell it, we can do it.”


You can read the full press release here.


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