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Can You Really Improve Your Business Writing in an Online Workshop?

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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to organize a multi-hour business writing workshop in the conference room on the last Friday of this month for all 17 people on your team. Good business writing workshop

Did your heart just sink?

We understand.

Sinking-heart syndrome is now curable. You can achieve excellent results from a 100% online business writing workshop. All members of your team can participate, wherever they are on the training day.

Why do a business writing workshop anyway?

Writing is a lifetime skill that is always open to improvement, especially in competitive, fast-paced organizations. Business writing—across time zones, languages and cultures—presents special challenges and rewards. You know the challenges. What are the potential rewards?

  1. Your company can gain a competitive advantage that significantly outweighs the time investment. Better communicators achieve results faster.
  2. Better business writing improves the whole team’s efficiency, internally and externally.
  3. You can attract and retain young talent by offering professional skills they will need wherever they go.
  4. You can retain experienced talent longer, too. They’ll improve a skill they use daily while enhancing their promotability and their sense of competence.


Why do an online business writing workshop?

  1. No one needs to travel—or even book a training room. Whether they’re remote or in the office, team members take the same workshop at the same time. You won’t have to pay for facilitators’ flights or lodging, either.
  2. Increasingly, your learners are familiar with online learning and know how to benefit from it.
  3. Learning improved communication strategies via online training can unite the company without inconveniencing anyone.
  4. Online business writing workshops help bridge the communications gap between younger and older employees. Everyone learns a consistent writing strategy.


Why do an online Better Communications business writing workshop?

Global IT project leaders were struggling to write clear status reports that explained complex information to senior management. Software support was slowing, and the bottom line was taking a hit. They scheduled an online, facilitator-led Better Communications workshop, Reader-Centered Technical Writing, with follow-up coaching. The outcome: the virtual team now writes more strategic reports that contain clear action requests, complete explanations, and less jargon.

These are the ingredients of the secret sauce:

  • Everyone learns to focus on communicating to drive action and improve productivity.
  • Employees’ documents become shorter and clearer. Consistent feedback tells us that.
  • Graduates consistently report writing faster and focusing their communications better.

You do not need to book 17 chairs in the conference room to realize all of these benefits. Better Communications online business writing workshops are highly interactive and yield measurable results.

Did your heart just lift a little? Many clients report that, too.


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