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Are Online Workshops as Effective as In-person?

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If you are leading a highly skilled team in a high-tech company, chances are you face two competing challenges: your people need to improve their communication skills, but have little time for professional development. What to do? Well, here is an idea: many professional business writing workshops and webinars are available online, and their quality may surprise you.


Why take a business writing course online?

Participating in a live workshop, with everyone in the same room and a facilitator present, definitely has its advantages. Face-to-face discussions and meetings are wonderful experiences. But this is not always possible.

The truth is, many learners are amazed at the value they get from an online course. Here are three compelling reasons to try it:

  1. It is at your fingertips! What could be easier than joining a course online? Your team members can be on three different continents and attend for a full or half day of learning online. All they’ll need is Internet access. No travel involved!

  1. It is comprehensive. Experts have created online learning plans that are as in-depth as workshops delivered in person, with plenty of opportunity for interaction. Same quality—just a different format.

  2. It is cost-effective. Using an online course saves you both time and money. There is no need to plan for travel or handle the logistics of accommodation and learning space.


What will you get from an online course?

In our experience, learners develop the same skills through an online course as they would in the training room. As soon as your team members log off, they will be able to put practical tools to use. And follow-up coaching via e-mail or phone can reinforce their ability to plan their writing effectively and focus on the reader. 

  • Explain technical problems in a way that everyone understands.

  • Solve problems more efficiently and get results by writing goal-oriented and clearly sequenced documents.

  • Build a team that is helpful and customer-oriented, as opposed to—dare I say it—tech nerds.

When time is short and the need for better communication skills beckons, an online course for your team might be the most cost-effective and timely solution. You might be surprised at the immediate return on investment!


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