To Coach Or Not To Coach?

Ever feel stuck at work? You love your position, you love those who you work with, yet your overall satisfaction has dwindled?

We guarantee you’re not alone!

Come and join us (for free) and see if coaching could help you. This won’t be a sales pitch, we’re giving you the chance to ask some of the top coaches out there any questions you might have around coaching and challenges in your career.

So, don’t be shy! Get your questions sent in before the session and join us…we’re going to squash old beliefs that coaching stems from butt-kicking and really get to the heart of what it really is.

But a word of warning. This is not your usual boring webinar where you put yourself on mute, turn off the camera, and fold your laundry while trying to feel productive. We are not going to talk at you for 30 mins and then wake you up to ask your questions. In this AMA session, you’ll be called out by your name (in a good way of course).

Get your questions answered from experts in the field:


  • Coaching, is it worth the hype?
  • What is the coach going to tell me that I don’t already know?
  • Richard and Elsa’s personal experience with coaching- the good, the bad and the ugly.