Ariel Serves

“Despite the urgency of the critical issues we’ve been managing over the years, the heartbeat of Outreach has still been beating in the background.
Our team continues to work hard to make sure Outreach retains its prominent place in our values and our brand.”
~ Sean Kavanagh, Brand Ambassador

The mission of Ariel Serves is to impact the non-profit world as strongly as we have the corporate world.

Service at Ariel comes in many shapes and sizes. Whether we’re volunteering our time, offering
donations or sponsorships, providing pro-bono or reduced-fee training, or earning our B-Corp
certification, there are many ways we pour our hearts into communities near and far:

  • teaching veterans how to reestablish relationships and reconnect with their families.
  • helping formerly incarcerated youth learn interpersonal skills so they can find jobs and stay on
    the right track.
  • working with United Nations aid workers, giving them the tools to win the trust of the people
    they are there to serve.

These are just three examples of how we reach out and make a difference—in the Boston area and
beyond. Working at Ariel means you have a unique opportunity to lend your skills to transform those
who need it most. Making authentic connections and giving back to our community is what we’re most passionate about.

To learn more about our other community initiatives,
visit this page and follow the hashtag #ArielServes.