Denise Donovan

Denise Donovan

Vice President, Client Solutions

Denise joined Ariel Group in 2019 serving as Vice President Client Solutions, tangibly solving business problems for large complex organizations through strategic writing, speaking, leading and selling with a decisive edge of presence.

With a background in education, Denise launched her sales career while serving as Principal and Exec President, BoD of a not for profit school, through Grade 3.  By connecting parents’ goals and needs for their child(ren) with in-house expertise and solutions, she not only satisfied the educational, financial and emotional demands for efficient operations, she generated increased demand, which during her tenure, always surpassed capacity of the school building itself (school is still in operation today).

Taking that knowledge with her into B2B strategic enterprise Sales roles with D&B, BIWORLDWIDE, Epsilon, and now Ariel Group, she has continually positioned herself as a vital resource to her various clients.  By connecting over their big hairy business problems and issues, including, but not limited to, those related to automation (marketing, supply chain, risk management), massive complexities of database marketing, digital transformation, improving customer loyalty, incentives, Learning & Organizational effectiveness, and international events with global audiences and logistical complexities to match, she learned to gain trust by offering expertise with relevance to their pressing needs.  Her most recent work includes global intensive training and travel events for one of the World’s most recognized brands, bringing high potential leaders to usher in digital transformation and change to a 125 year old industrial conglomerate.  She also brought enterprise technology solutions to retailers to improve efficiency and bring modernity to their marketing, customer identity, incentives, and personalization efforts, including AI and Machine Learning.  She has led teams in Discovery, Definition, Design, and Delivery at the highest levels of enterprises in Healthcare, Technology, Retail, Finance, Energy and other Industrial sectors.

Denise graduated, cum laude, with a B.A. in Liberal Arts from the University of Connecticut, and received her Montessori Certification from MINW, Portland, OR.  She loves a good performance, all plants and animals, most people.