Adam Halwitz

Adam Halwitz

Content Manager, Learning

Adam edits, designs, and customizes workshops for Ariel. Adam likens his job to a polishing machine–a rock tumbler. He is given raw data, of one kind or another, and his job is to smooth it out into its most useful form.

His professional experience includes multiple levels of editorial work, ranging from concept development to line editing to proofreading. For over 8 years he worked as an editor for Teen Ink, a literary magazine publishing teenagers’ writing, in his hometown of Newton, MA.

As a peer tutor at Marlboro College (Marlboro, VT), Adam has also coached undergrads in the best practices of clear writing. He graduated in 2014 with a BA in literature and philosophy.

When at home–now Arlington, MA–Adam likes trying or inventing new recipes, doing crossword puzzles, and dabbling in various kinds of art. He also enjoys reading multiple books at once, and is trying to break a habit of using any nearby object as a bookmark.