Storytelling for Client-Facing Professionals

Using the power of storytelling to connect with and influence clients

This workshop combines the best practices from actor training with specific, actionable business behaviors to help client-facing professionals use agile, responsive storytelling to authentically connect and influence. They’ll enhance their capacity to build relationships with prospects and clients through presence and enhanced listening skills. Participants will learn to use the power of storytelling to connect with clients’ hearts and minds, galvanizing them to take action. After the session, they’ll leave with a library of stories they can use with multiple external audiences.

Outcomes you can expect

After the program, learners will be able to

Integrate stories into client conversations

  • understand why storytelling is a uniquely effective tool
  • recognize the wealth of stories in their own lives
  • learn key techniques for both spontaneous and well-rehearsed storytelling
  • build a library of stories to use

Build relationships through presence and listening

  • listen and reflect as a way to build relationship
  • use vivid, sensory language and “speak in snapshots”
  • align voice and body language with their key message
  • leverage the strengths of their personal communication styles

Connect with prospects and clients

  • discover how everyone connects to the power of storytelling
  • speak to a client with creativity and imagination
  • stay flexible, responsive, and focused when facing challenges or surprises


  • In person
  • Up to 24 participants


  • One day
  • Half day


  • Client-facing professionals

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