Leading with Presence

Motivate teams, communicate values and inspire followership.

Great leaders bring more to the table than technical skills and intellect, or inner charisma and charm. They’re relationship builders who have learned to connect authentically with the hearts and minds of others in order to motivate and inspire them to achieve a desired outcome.

Leading with Presence links best practices from actor training with specific, actionable business behaviors to develop leaders who will drive your competitive advantage. They’ll draw on their own unique history and style and use the power of storytelling to inspire trust, promote collaboration, and galvanize the people around them to follow their lead and reach breakthrough results.

Leading with Presence provides a highly experiential approach to development, combining pre-work, a two-day classroom workshop, and follow up coaching to strengthen learning outcomes.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, leaders will be able to:

  • Engage, motivate and inspire their employees through an agile command of their own leadership presence
  • Communicate authentically to build or repair trust
  • Build relationships by being effective listeners who demonstrate empathy and find common ground
  • Use storytelling and metaphors to engage around strategy, bring data alive, and make personal connections

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Program Components

  • Background reading
  • Questions for personal reflection & coaching preparation
Workshop Day 1
  • Introduction to Presence Skills
  • Becoming more expressive
  • Connecting & Communicating with authenticity
Workshop Day 2
  • Leveraging Storytelling for Business Communication
  • Skill Application discussion and practice
  • Action Planning

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