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Case Study: Hispanic senior leaders and their journey to Executive Presence at Procter and Gamble

Professionals are always expected to show up with poise, confidence, credibility as well as authenticity at work, regardless of their background. But what if one’s natural personality is being quick-spoken and passionate? If that’s the case, they are often seen as either “too casual” or “not technically sound”, resulting in an unintentional lack of trust.

A group of Hispanic leaders has recently embarked on a learning journey on how to channel their passion and expressiveness into intentional, targeted communication appropriate for the audience, without losing their genuine self at work.

Watch this live interview with Alejandro Bonilla, R&D Director of Global Feminine Care at P&G to learn:

  • The ​behind-the-scenes details about the group and their journey to developing Executive Presence
  • The lessons learned: the easy way and the hard way
  • Top tips for those embarking on a similar journey

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