Why Presence?

Presence is the ability to connect authentically with the hearts and minds of others in order to influence or inspire a desired outcome.

It is comprised of a multitude of skills represented by the four parts of our PRES model:

  • Present: Being in the moment, flexible and focused and aware of your surroundings.
  • Reach Out: Building relationships through empathy & listening
  • Expressive: Appropriate and compelling use of emotion, voice, body language and narrative
  • Self-Knowing: Having self-awareness of your values, strengths and challenges

So what?

As powerful disruptive forces change the business landscape, organizations are becoming flatter and more flexible. Teams collaborate virtually from across the world. Constant change is the new normal.

Presence, once reserved for senior leaders is becoming absolutely essential to function at all levels.

  • Presence empowers senior leaders inspire entire organizations around strategy. It helps them appear human and approachable and to build or repair trust.
  • Presence empowers managers to cascade strategies down to peers and direct reports with color and clarity. To remain calm and focused in times of ambiguity and change. To inspire performance of their teams when being asked to do more with less.
  • Presence empowers experienced individual contributors across all functions to lead laterally, influence without authority, work more effectively together and engage internal and external clients around innovative products and ideas.
  • Presence empowers early career professionals to show up on-brand with confidence and competence. To communicate with clarity and brevity. And to signify that they are leadership potential.

We believe that by starting to build presence skills earlier, a more diverse variety of individuals can make it to the top–and that organizations can experience higher levels of performance at all levels while building leadership capacity for the future.

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