The Ariel Approach to Learning: Rehearsal + Reflection + Coaching

All of our programs contain experiential elements that allow participants to develop awareness about their impact on others, practice new behaviors and techniques, take risks and receive coaching from facilitators or peers to improve performance.

Depending on the program, we may also use one or more of the following techniques:

  • Theater-based Exercises: Elements from actor training–mindfulness, control of vocal and physical signals, improvisation and flexibility—are contextualized to specific business situations in order to build presence and expressiveness.
  • Video Playback: Rehearsals are recorded and reviewed to help participants close the gap between their intention and impact and allow for coaches to share additional insights after the program.
  • Strategic Self-Reflection & Brainstorming: Exercises designed to help participants stop and think before engaging: What do I want my audience to do, think, or feel? What does this person need from me? What information would help best make my point? How should my values shape my reaction?
  • Immersion Assignments and Missions: Between classes, modules or coaching sessions participants have specific opportunities to practice new skills and behaviors on the job.